Air Conditioner Benefits – Tesla Air Conditioner

Air conditioners these days are not only luxury product  but also part of our life. Air conditioner is an electronic appliance which helps to cool or heat a room environment. Besides this it has many other features which makes our lifestyle more healthier and comfortable. Tesla Air Conditioner has been promising in providing more features and functions than traditional air conditioner. Some of the features which would be unknown to many consumers are here:

1.  Better Air Quality

Air conditioners filters air. Air Conditioner consists of layers of different types of filter. With Tesla Air Conditioner, there are 6 layers of filters for air filtration – Sliver Ion Filter (Kills Bacteria), Active Carbon (Traps small dust particles, smokes as well as pet fur to prevent allergic reaction), Vitamin C Filter (Softens skin & Reduces stress), Bio Filter (Neutralizes fungi, microbes & bacteria), Plasma Dust Filter (Dust, Smoke & Pollen Particles collection from the air in its electrostatic filter) & Ionizer (Improves blood circulation, lung functions, prevents respiratory passage illness).

2. Improves work force efficiency

When days are too hot, it makes the brain slow down, creating mental laziness. According to an article in Scientific American, the energy the body uses to try to cool itself down takes away from our ability to think and reason. While our brains are slowing down, our bodies are speeding up with increased heart rates and higher blood pressure, leading to aggressive behavior. So, a well air-conditioned office leads to better work environment & better decision making. Vitamin C Filter & Ionizer plays vital role in maintaining sound mental & body state.

3.  Easy Sleep

Core Temperature of our body is one of the major factor in getting sleep & remaining asleep as well. Too hot or too cold rooms both interferes a good sleep or body could not even could not rest or sleep at these extremes. As per doctors, our functions best at between 65 and 75 degrees (oF). Air conditioners can automatically rise or fall the temperature gently to adjust room temperature according to the body temperature making sleep easier.

4.  Less insects

A well air-conditioned room not only keeps out the harmful bacteria, fungi & microbes, but also removes different insects, pets flea & ticks too as these can be dangerous to people with allergies.

5.  Prevents overheating of electronic devices

Small day to day use device like mobile phones, tablets, laptops to big PCs, workstations, servers, all are vulnerable to suffering serious damages or data loss can be caused as the temperature in office rooms rises up. Air conditioners helps maintaining required temperature so that these devices remain in good state.

6.  Protects Furniture Warping

A good air-conditioned system protects the furniture in the rooms. Woods gains and loses moisture with the air around it. Dry heat dries up the wood at alarming rates causing it to warp and then crack.

7.  Preserves clothes

Sweats can cause discoloration of clothes with temperature rising. So, keeping cool with air conditioners can preserve our clothes and budget too.

Those were the benefits of air conditioning. There are many types of air conditioners based on capacity & sizes.

So, how to choose the air conditioner ideal for you ? Here are some tips:

1. Choose between different types of air conditioning units:

Wall, ceiling, floor standing or portable are most popular types of air conditioning units. Unlike wall and ceiling air conditioners, floor standing or portable air conditioners can even sit in floor of room and some even comes with wheels. Wall units are placed in the walls by making holes cut in the walls. So, it depends upon own choice based on needs.

2. Choose right capacity :

Measure of a room is very important for choosing right capacity of air conditioner. Bigger the rooms the more powerful air conditioner is required. The capacity of air conditioners are generally represented in units like BTU (British Thermal Unit) & Ton. Smaller rooms need less BTU or Ton capacity, generally 1 Ton or 1.5 Ton whereas larger office rooms or server rooms might even need 4 or higher Tons. More BTU or Ton means more cooling capacity.

3. Compare EER of air conditioners :

A room air conditioner’s efficiency is measured by the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). Air conditioners with higher EER rating uses less energy.

4.  Adjustment and control of the Air Conditioner :

Air conditioners commonly comes with remote control these days for adjusting the settings of Air Conditioners. Some brand has even their own mobile app for controlling the settings of the Air Conditioners. Temperature adjustments, setting timers, enabling turbo operations, controlling the position of the vent, direction of air flow & many more features take just one or few clicks on the remote.

5.  Try out & compare the air conditioners available in the stores :

Go to the nearest stores and check & compare on the noise level and ease in operating of different air conditioners before choosing one.

6.  Get feedback & advice :

Check for reviews and comments of different brand and models of air conditioners from reliable sources and sites. Lookout specific feedback & complaint about the specific model if available. Also, friends and families who might be using the similar brands from a long time or recently purchased could be a great source for advice and feedback. Many air conditioner brands even have their toll free numbers to provide information about the products.


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