How does an Air Conditioner work ?

Air conditioners has been received as a common household appliance these days rather than some luxury products. It has been part of normal lifestyle nowadays. It used to be hassle to people to control the settings and state of air conditioners in the past. Complex motors and knobs in air conditioners made it very hard to operate. But now, time has changed. The operations have been reduced to simple remote controls, even a single click or fewer. With technological advancements, many features are continuously added to air conditioners making it more easier and quicker to operate.

Air conditioners keeps us cool & relax all the time. But even wondered how it works?

An air conditioner (AC) consists of 4 major components:


It is one of the part of indoor unit responsible for collecting heat from inside a room through a refrigerant gas. Its liquid refrigerant (most commonly hydro fluorocarbons like R-410A or hydro chlorofluorocarbons like R-22) absorbs heat and evaporates to become gas to another component – compressor.


This is one of the part of the outdoor unit of air conditioner. The evaporated gas from the evaporator is then compressed in this unit.


Also located on the outside unit, this is where the compressed vaporized gas is converted back to cool liquid leaving the heat of the ‘hot gas’ outside.


Expansion is located between the two set of coils – the evaporator and condenser. The so called cool liquid then travel through this expansion valve. The expansion valve is tiny hole in the system’s copper tubing which is responsible to control the flow of cool liquid back again to the evaporator where it all started.

In this way an air conditioner cycle is completed & repeated over and over again until desired temperature is reached.

In simple words, an AC keeps absorbing the warm air in and expelling it back into the room until there’s no more warm air left in the room.

Here is the visual representation of the flow:

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