Air Conditioner in Winter?

Air Conditioner in Winter?

Air Conditioner is meant to provide better ,even cool temperature around your space and air conditioner is a great choice for your hot days. But one thing that many of you  may not know is air conditioner is also can be use to make warm in winter.

Our advanced air conditioning technology and an array of smart features mean that you can enjoy much more than just heating and cooling. You have the ultimate in temperature control, quality air, cost-savings and have a sleek contemporary design whichever system you choose.

You’ll be surprised to know that even cold winter air contains usable heat that you can pump inside your home. Tesla Air Conditioner reverse-cycle technology absorbs this heat from the outside air to create a cosy atmosphere within. It’s easy to regulate so you enjoy just the warmth you want and it’s also more energy efficient than conventional heaters, which need to generate heat, rather than harnessing heat energy from the outside air to create warmth inside.

Yes, you can use electric heater or similar product for your heating purpose but these appliances use heat radiation for heating purpose whereas in terms of air conditioner it uses reverse-cycle technology in which it captures the heat from outside air to create a even and cosy warm in your space. Electrical heating appliances are more dangerous and couldn’t provide heat evenly around the room. 

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Built with cold conditions in mind, Tesla Air Conditioner has a good reverse cycle air conditioner which has automatic defrost cycle for more effective operation. So even when the mercury drops as low as minus 15ºC, your reverse cycle air conditioner can still heat your home. It can be go up to 32ºC even in winter season. Which is more cosy and even warmth in your surrounding.

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