Tesla Air Conditioner always believes in innovation and customer demands to provide quality product to our customers. With each iteration and eager to provide better innovative product. Tesla provides new Tesla AC/DC hybrid solar air conditioner system.

In Tesla AC/DC hybrid solar air conditioner system, the air conditioner is powered by solar energy and the grid power is used as the backup power.

In the daytime, the system draw the power from solar panels as preference input when the sun is not strong enough to satisfy the needs of the a/c, the grid power will automatically get connected as input.It’s mainly used at places with high electricity rates in order to cut electricity bills.

Benefits of having solar air conditioner system:

Lower utility bills

Solar panel will be used as a primary source of electricity during a day time and at night time it will get electricity from main a/c grid. By implementing solar power. We can save a lot of electricity bill.

Easy installation

We can install solar system to air conditioner without too much modification to our home.Only one solar module is required to get started, and it’s simple to add panels over time if you’d like.

Healthier Planet

Solar power is natural source of earth. By using solar energy to heat and cool your home, you’re taking advantage of an infinitely renewable energy source, while contributing toward a healthier planet.

It’s the 4th generation models, designed for low cost, easy installation and a fast payback, requiring no batteries, no inverter, no controller-just plug in solar panels to save 40-100% power in daytime compared with an electric a/c. Even it is hybrid air conditioner there is no any compromise towards performance and build quality. Tesla Solar Air Conditioner can be operated with huge temperature difference range without any compromises.

Tesla “Made For Human”

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