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Spring and Summer’s approaching and we can already feel that heat. When days are too hot, it makes the brain slow down, creating laziness in mind and body too.

According to an article in Scientific American, the energy the body uses to try to cool itself down takes away from our ability to think and reason.

While our brains are slowing down, our bodies are speeding up with increased heart rates and higher blood pressure, leading to aggressive behavior. So, a well air-conditioned home / office leads to better work environment & better decision making.

With most of the corporate and institutions already using Air Conditioners as their choice for cooling down the office work environment, more individuals are finding Air conditioners as a smart choice to battle the exhausting heat and keep it cool in their personal space/homes. In addition, Air Conditioners provides a one stop solution for both heating and cooling. If you are trying to get an Air Conditioner for your space, you are not alone. People have taken air conditioner as part of the life rather than some luxury products.

According to an article in The Washington Post, in Mid 2016 the world was about to install 700 million air conditioners, predicted to be 800 million by end of 2019.

On average, a typical household spend 13% of its annual utility bill on cooling, according to Energy Star. So, it is very important to right air conditioner for your space and needs. Some Air Conditioners brand like Tesla even provides best available options based on your room type, size and space on which type of air conditioner you should get. But its even better if we as a general consumer know these things which should be considered in order to get proper air conditioner for our space and needs.



In order to reduce the energy leakage, its better to get air conditioners with better insulating materials. Air Conditioners with electronic insulation are better over traditional insulating materials (Thermoshield).


Energy Star Rating is a global techniques to represent the power saving capacity of a electronic product. Higher the number of energy rating better on power saving. Energy rating is done from 1 to 5 star. 5 star energy rated products are 40%  power efficient than a normal electronic product.

Energy Star Yearly Energy Saving(%)
★☆☆☆☆ 5-10 %
★★☆☆☆ 12-15 %
★★★☆☆☆ 15-20%
★★★★☆ 20-25%
★★★★★ 30-35%
Tesla Air Conditioner is 5 star energy rated air conditioner which can save electricity up to 30%.

For an EXCELLENT rated Air Conditioners in noise tests, the only sound that we should or might hear is the sound of the fan running. However, the Air Conditioners with FAIR rating might disturb or distract light sleepers.


Generally, Air conditioners performs better blowing air in one direction. So, its even better to get the air conditioners which has the fan arms which can also swivel, i.e., turn around a point. This provides an additional choice to blow the air specifically to left or right or center anywhere we want.


Different types and models of air conditioners are available in the market. If you want to cool down a small living room, even low power Wall mount / Split air conditioners might do the job. However, this totally depends upon your space. Huge office area might need one or several Ceiling Cassette AC Units, which is mostly seen in corporate offices and institutions. And if you don’t have much space in the ceiling walls, then there are Floor Standing units and Portable units. For more detailed information on this, you can visit this link.


Proper placement of the air conditioner unit is crucial for various factors. The first is to make the most out of the air conditioner so that there is uniform flow of the air and another is quick access to it for cleaning, wiping air filters to keep the air conditioner unit in perfect condition.


Air Conditioner which has inverter technology can maintain constant temperature throughout the room. Inverter Air Conditioner has greater life span in terms of compressor. It is more silent and energy efficient. These air conditioner are more expensive though.


The coil used in compressor is important component. Cooling and heating capability is directly concerned with the material use in coil inside the compressor. Coil which are made from a good quality of copper are best standard coil inside the compressor use in air conditioner. Even it is little high in price for long term and cooling technology it must be a good choice to choose 100 % copper coil air conditioner compressor.

Tesla Air Conditioner compressor are made up of 100% copper materials that provides durable compressor with 3-year warranties on compressor for all Tesla Air Conditioner.


Look for air conditioners brand which have better and easy control features like controlling and adjusting the settings from the smartphones. Some can even interconnect to other cooling units.

In early 2018, the leading air conditioner brand LG introduced voice control features for Air Conditioners, according to an article on Digital Trends.

Some brands have even linked the intelligent features that can be controlled using Digital Voice Assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, Siri, etc.


Nowadays most of the air conditioner can cool as well as make warm during summer and winter season. So choose air conditioner which can be  operate in bottom seasons. Look after the good reverse cycle technology used to make warm your room by using outside heat of the room.

Tesla Air Conditioner are designed with reverse cycle technology. Tesla Air Conditioner are compatible with both summer and winter seasons.


When buying Air Conditioner Units, don’t forget to compare warranties of different brands. Even when the materials, looks and power of the air conditioners are same, still the warranty period of one might be more than others. So, be sure to check the manufacturer’s website or ask the retailer about the warranty for the type and model of the brand you are considering to buy.


Capacity of Air Conditioner is measured in ton or BTU . Large the room size better to bought higher number of ton capacity air conditioner.

Room Size(foot) Required Air Conditioner Capacity (ton)
50 sq foot 1 ton
110 sq foot 1.2 ton – 1.4 ton
150 sq foot 1.5 ton
200 sq foot 1.6 ton- 2 ton
200 sq foot> Need additional number of air conditioner

Tesla provides varieties capacity of air conditioner. Tesla Ceiling Suspension with 2.0 ton(24000 BTU) & 4.0 ton(48000 BTU) capacity are now available which are best suited for your store, office, restaurant.

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Taking these factors into account, lets help you choose the right type and model for your needs.

Many people may don’t know about availability of different types of air conditioner.
Here we are not talking about the capacity or sizes of air conditioner but type of ac which are made and designed for it’s different purpose.

1. Windows Air Conditioner
Window Air Conditioner
Window Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner are type of air conditioner which are attached at the windows of your room.It is small in size and cheaper option in terms of other type of air conditioner. If your room contains a lot of windows and  room size is small then it is the best option. But there are some of the drawbacks that could be a big deals to  you.

If  your room is bigger is size and there is no windows then you can’t use these kind of air conditioner. Since it fitted on the windows for airflow you must need a room or space with windows and it makes a lot more sound than the other type of air conditioner. If you need good design, faster cooling and silent sound air conditioner then you need to go for split/ wall mount air conditioner.

2.  Split Air Conditioner/ Wall Mount Air Conditioner
Wall Mount/ Split Air conditioner
Tesla N-8 series Wall mount /Split air conditioner

Split Air Conditioner or wall mount air conditioner are most common type of air conditioner and popular choice of air conditioner. This type of air conditioner is attached at the wall. It cools room faster and better in terms of windows air conditioner. It makes less noise or sound than window air conditioner. Due to it’s design look and feel it looks more beautiful  in rooms or your work-space.

It is more costly than windows air conditioner but this type of air conditioner doesn’t need to have window  and quiet in sound. Due to its higher cooling efficiency it is much more better choice that Window Air Conditioner.

3. Portable Air Conditioner
Portable Air Conditioner
Tesla Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner can be use in every kind of space around you since it is portable  in nature you can  carry it at any place. If windows ac and split ac are not able to installed in your room them portable air conditioner are a best choice for it. It is popular due to its portable nature.

It is more expensive and smaller in size.

4. Ceiling Cassette
Tesla Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

Ceiling Cassette is best option for large space like office, store, banks where cool air must be distributed evenly.It is large in size and heavy in nature due to which it difficult to installed on false ceiling or weak ceiling structure.

For wide, large space and even comfortable air conditioner ceiling cassette is the best option.

5. Flooring Stand Air Conditioner
Floor Standing AC

Flooring Stand Air Conditioner are ground level air conditioner.These appliances are useful in inside spaces that lack sufficient wall space to attach appliances, or within buildings constructed of fragile materials such as glass. Furthermore, the floor mounted units can look more discreet than their wall mounted alternatives, minimizing the impact on a room’s aesthetics. The main problem with these air conditioner are the air flow may get more obstruction since it is attached at the ground level.

Tesla has been providing Tesla Flooring Stand Air Conditioner with  2.0 ton(24000 BTU) & 4.0 ton(48000 BTU) capacities.

For more info on air conditioning products provided by Tesla Air Conditioner, visit by clicking here or go to (Official Website of Tesla Air Conditioner).

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