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Air Conditioner or AC has become an essential household appliances nowadays. It has become a necessity in modern office buildings, apartments and warehouses for efficient work environment for employees and visiting clients as well. Some are even used to cool down server rooms so that the equipment can function properly. Due to this wide variety of applications, there are different models of air conditioners available in the market, also in variety of brands, with their own merits and detriments.

Basically, Air conditioning unit  works by using chemical refrigerant that convert from gas to liquid and back again quickly. These chemicals transfer the heat from the air inside the room/building to the outside air. Ceiling cassette air conditioner unit is no exception and works using this principle. Though all types of air conditioning units follow this same principle, they all differ on their placement and mounting.

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner
Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning Unit by TESLA

As the name suggests, Ceiling cassette Air Conditioning units are mounted in the ceiling. As cold air is directed towards the floor, the ceiling mounting provides a wide coverage and, provided the fans are powerful enough, a ceiling cassette air conditioning unit can cover a large room. Being in the ceiling also means that the units can easily hide under the upper wall saving up the extra space and provides a good look too. Since the condenser is located outside the building, a ceiling cassette air conditioning unit is exceptionally quiet. Along with modern technology, the adjustable thermostats and variable speed fans are available in most of ceiling cassette units which  are exceptionally energy efficient.

Air conditioners also has its health benefits. Air Conditioner consists of layers of different types of filter. With Tesla Air Conditioner, there are different layers of filters for air filtration – Sliver Ion Filter (Kills Bacteria), Active Carbon (Traps small dust particles, smokes as well as pet fur to prevent allergic reaction), Vitamin C Filter (Softens skin & Reduces stress), Bio Filter (Neutralizes fungi, microbes & bacteria), Plasma Dust Filter (Dust, Smoke & Pollen Particles collection from the air in its electrostatic filter) & Ionizer (Improves blood circulation, lung functions, prevents respiratory passage illness).

With all the availability of different models of varying strengths available on the market today, one should consult with a professional in order to determine the correct unit for their space.

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