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Thinking of buying an air conditioner in present time, you have many choices available on the basis of technology as well as brands. With the evolution of technology, the features in air conditioners has also been advancing. However,  Air Conditioner with Inverter Technology are more energy efficient and trending these days saving upto 30-40% electricity (units) consumed , over regular air conditioners.


An inverter is a device for converting frequency. This technology is used in air conditioners as well as other many home appliances and controls electric voltage, current and frequency. Inverter air-conditioners vary their cooling/heating capacity by adjusting the power supply frequency of their compressors. An inverter type air-conditioner adjusts the speed of the compressor to control the refrigerant (gas) flow rate.

The inverter technology works like an accelerator in a car. When compressor needs more power, it gives it more power. When it needs less power, it gives less power. With this technology, the compressor is always on, but draws less power or more power depending on the temperature of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat. The speed and power of the compressor is adjusted appropriately. This technology was developed in Japan and is being used there successfully for air conditioners and refrigerators. This technology is currently available only in split air conditioners.

Non-inverter air-conditioners stops and starts repeatedly. The power consumption and current goes down when the operation stops, but it goes up sharply at the time of restart and thus it has high average power consumption and temperature variations. As a result, inverter air conditioners are more energy-saving and comfortable than non-inverter air-conditioners.

For example of 1.5 Ton AC, Inverter AC can work from 0.3 to 1.7 ton based on cooling requirement while Non-inverter AC can work at 1.5 ton only (fixed capacity).


Inverter Air Conditioner

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Inverter air-conditioners are more comfortable than non-inverter air-conditioners.

New TESLA Wall Mount / Split type air conditioner with Inverter Technology

With the promise of delivering cutting edge products and services, TESLA has come up with some upgrades once again and this time with this Inverter Technology in its air conditioners.

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