Tesla launching next generation 100% Inverter VRF AC

Tesla Air Conditioner brand has been truly embarking its presence in Air Conditioners market by providing high quality cutting edge air conditioners and related services at a reasonable price.  With its prevalence in Air Conditioner market, Tesla is also launching next generation, 100% inverter variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioning system named Tesla Inverter VRF AC. Tesla Inverter VRF AC is the ‘Made in India’ 100% inverter VRF system & it’s well suited for the varying climatic conditions as well as voltage fluctuations faced across the country.

The global air conditioning market, addressed by a range of product categories such as chillers, VRF systems, packaged/ducted systems as well as room air conditioners, stands at a cumulative value of USD 90 billion. The VRF market contributes to 9% of this global market.

A VRF system is a sophisticated and intelligent system that cools large multi-zone spaces with varying heating and cooling needs through smart controls. They are best for hotels and restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, residential as well as office spaces. The VRF technology was introduced in Japan and has been gaining wide acceptability across the globe and in India due to its inherent advantages such as high power savings, quick installation, ease of operation and the flexibility of choosing a wide range of indoor units that suit the application and décor. The VRF market in Nepal and globally has been growing at a healthy rate, and is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of at least 15% over the next few years. While the residential air conditioning market is moving towards one-on–one inverter split air conditioners, the commercial segment is showing a strong inclination towards VRF systems.

Tesla Air Conditioner, initially started providing general Split Ductless Systems, Portable & Floor Air Conditioning systems focused mainly on making its mark onto general household cooling products than more commercial cooling products. As Tesla Air Conditioner demands are growing rapidly, Tesla AC embarked on manufacturing a VRF product which aimed to be the best in the commercial cooling products category, in terms of technology and features, and one that addresses unique local requirements. The Company had targeted to bring this product to market soon in the first quarter of Nepali New Year 2076 B.S. (June-July 2019).

Tesla Inverter VRF AC has the following unique advantages, over and above the requisite features:

  • Latest global technology – 100% inverter compressors
  • 100% cooling capacity delivered at even extreme hot temperature of 45°C+
  • Non-stop cooling even at a peak temperatures
  • Highest energy efficiency; i.e. an integrated part load value (IPLV) of 7.0
  • Designed to operate across a wide voltage range, overcoming erratic fluctuations

Bhu Laxmi Group Pvt. Ltd. has been providing the service of Tesla Air Conditioner. Tesla Air Conditioner corporate office is in Samakhusi, Kathmandu. The air conditioning related products are manufactured and imported from India & China as of now. And soon, there will be Tesla Air Conditioner’s own production plant, in Chitwan, Nepal which is expected to be up and running within 1 year from now

Tesla Air Conditioner has more than 20 specialised dealers spread across the Nepal who are ably supported by well-experienced technicians and engineers from the Company to meet customer requirements at all times.

Tesla Air Conditioner CEO Kiran Acharya on upcoming product Tesla Inverter VRF AC, “Tesla Inverter VRF AC is a cutting edge commercial cooling solution, a great intro to HVAC market due to its high performance ability in peak ambient climatic conditions as well as erratic power fluctuations experienced across the country.  With this product, Tesla Air Conditioner aims to give it best in VRF segment too, with best product and service flourishing in current commercial air conditioning market.”

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