Tesla Air Conditioner registers nikolacool.com

Tesla Air Conditioner is soon launching the Nikolacool series model Air Conditioner in the market. The model name Nikolacool comprises of “Nikola” and “Cool” where “Nikola” is dedicated to Nikola TeslaFather of AC (Alternating Current) – whose principles are still invincible in today’s technology era,  wheras “Cool” is the cutting edge cooling products and services. In general, Nikolacool resembles a range of products from Tesla Air Conditioner which will be more sleek in design, power efficient and contains latest cooling technology which are more dedicated and target to international market.

For this purpose, the domain name nikolacool.com will from now on redirect to the official Tesla Air Conditioner website – tesla.com.np ,along with the trademarking of a new brand logo which will be the new brand representation for upcoming journey of Tesla Air Conditioner.  Tesla Air Conditioner continuously thrive to deliver the cutting edge technology and services, with our motto:

“We are not comfortable until you are”.

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