Bhu Laxmi Group Pvt. Ltd. – Tesla AC helping daily wage workers, urges to contact directly for support

Globally, one-third of population is under lock-down now & millions of people are directly affected by  Corona-virus pandemic since it emerged from the Wuhan City, China in late December. Everywhere, people are coming together to do whatever they can to fight this pandemic.

With industries & companies shut down, the most affected are the daily wage workers , economically low people  & other helpless people whose life depended upon the daily basis wages they receive from their associated workplace. Even regular daily food including rice, vegetables, etc. is hard for these people to afford in these pandemic condition. While people from their places are helping the needy ones around them, Bhu Laxmi Group Pvt. Ltd. – Tesla Air conditioner has also initiated this effort for needy people including daily wage workers as well as providing masks, sanitizer in Chitwan District (where Tesla Air Conditioner, Bhu Laxmi Group Pvt. Ltd. Head Office is located).

Kiran Acharya, CEO of Tesla Air Conditioner has urged the daily wage workers and other needy people to call Tesla Air Conditioner TOLL FREE NUMBER 1660-56-5100 directly without any hesitation for any kind of help related to the supply of daily foods & prevention of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). His mother, Laxmi Acharya & Subibek Parajuli, Manager, Tesla Air Conditioner are also helping him in this campaign together, on behalf of Bhu Laxmi Group Pvt. Ltd. 

Tesla Air Conditioner, Bhu Laxmi Group Pvt. Ltd. has also made available 100 set of Physician PPE , Free of Cost , which would be provided to the Municipalities, VDC , Health posts wherever needed, as announced earlier by the CEO.

In this moment, we need to come forward to battle this condition of epidemic & help whoever is in need. STAY HOME, STAY SAFE, TAKE CARE OF ONES AROUND YOU.

For any support, contact our TOLL FREE NUMBER: 1660-56-5100

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